My Liberica

Dark Roast Espresso Blend

Dark Chocolate. Caramel. Almond. Bold.

Blend: Liberica and Brazil Santos

Region : Johor, Malaysia

Producer : My Liberica Plantation

Roast Level : Dark Roast

Tasting Notes : Fully bodied cup. Berry, nutty, dark chocolate and caramel sweetness

Quantity : 200g

Shipper Note :

My Liberica is the one and only specialty Liberica coffee bean producer in Malaysia. The Liew brothers takes full control from farm to cup, with their own coffee plantation, processing mill, roastery and a in house cafe that serves specialty Liberica coffee in Johor Bahru.

This is a dark roasted blend of Liberica and Arabica Brazil Santos. It's exceptionally pungent and makes a bold strong espresso, with long lasting bittersweetness. Perfect to pair with milk and makes real 'kao' Latte! This is the type of coffee that definitely wakes you up in the morning!

Roasted on 11th of March
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