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El Salvador Supersonic


This is a blend of naturals from Mauricio’s farms. The Cherries are picked from each farm on the same day and brought to Divisadero mill at the same time, then the varietals are mixed and placed on thick African beds which are approximately 30 cm thick then dried at high altitude (1350m) resulting in almost each bean having the same density and heat capacity.

This enables us to roast and extract the full potential of the coffee, with increased complexity from different farms.

The nickname “Supersonic” was given because of its particularly detailed processing really stood out and Sasa, Mauricio and Ona’s head roaster Sam scored this coffee 5 points higher than any other natural processing technique from these farms.

Region: El Salvador

Farm: Finca Himalaya / Supersonic

Varietal: Bourbon/ Pacas

Process: Natural

MASL: 1500m

Project Origin Cupping notes;

88 Points. Full bodies with a buttery mouth feel. Brown sugar and stone-fruit sweetness with lemonade acidity. Flavours of choc, rose water, cherry, cranberry and a cacao and nougat aftertaste.

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