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Ethiopia Diima Natural Lot 7

Strawberry Milk. Pineapple. Sweet Lemon Juice.

Region : Sidamo

Producer : Guji Washing Station

Altitude : 1800-2100 MASL

Varietal : Mixed Heirloom

Processing : Natural Processed

Tasting notes :  Strawberry milk. Pineapple. Sweet lemon juice.

Quantity : 200g

Cupping score : 87 points

About this coffee :

This coffee is from a Privately owned communal wet mill in Sidamo, collecting cherries from various smallholders. Some hundred smallholder farmers deliver tiny amounts of cherries daily to the wet miller.

Sidamo is famous for its clean, floral, and citric washed coffees and high quality sundried with genuine and unique red berry flavors. Natural sundried coffees are common, but the majority of the coffee is washed. There are mainly small family plots of both recently planted trees of improved varietals and traditional old varieties. The variety is called Sidamo type. Organic fertilizer is common, pruning less common.

This coffee is clean and absolutely flavourful natural Ethiopian coffee. You'll get the vibrant notes of strawberry and pineapple with a juicy cup. If you are a fan of fruity Ethiopian coffee, this is the coffee that you'll fall in love with. 

Roasted on 21st of November.
Whole bean coffee ships within 24 hours.

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