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Ethiopia Guji Dimtu G1


Tangerine. Peach. Jasmine.

Variety Heirloom
Region Guji
Roast Level Light Medium Roast
Tasting Notes
Tangerine, peach sweetness, jasmine floral aroma
Quantity 250g

About this coffee :

Guji is one of the zones of the Oromia Region of Ethiopia and is named after a tribe of the Oromo people.

Like Yirgacheffe, coffees from the Guji area were previously categorised together with coffees from Sidamo (a very wide geographical classification encompassing much of central-south Ethopia). However Guji coffees are quite distinct from either Yirgacheffe or Sidamo coffee.

Located in the southern portion of Sidamo the people of Guji have a long tradition of coffee cultivation. They are called the Oromo people and the hills and landscape allow for particular cultivars to develop in this region.

Southern Ethiopia coffees like this one are largely produced from distinctive indigenous Ethiopian varieties of Arabica long grown in the region. This is a wet-processed or “washed” coffee, meaningthe fruit skin and pulp were removed from the beans immediately after harvesting and before drying.

This washed Ethiopian is soothing and very easy drinking. With lots of tangerine juiciness and peach sweetness, finish with hints of jasmine floral finish. A traditional Ethiopian coffee, to be enjoyed with enlightenment.

Brewing Recipe : 

Dose: 18g
Yield: 30g for 30 seconds, total yield 280g, 2 minutes
(adjust grind size accordingly)
Water Temperature: 93 degrees

Roasted on 10th of February
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1kg Pack ships within 3-5 working days

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