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Ethiopia Urage Bildimoo 衣索比亞 尤拉加 彼得諾 谷吉

木瓜. 覆盆子.
Papaya. Raspberry.

Variety Heirloom
Fully Washed
Region Sonkolle Kebele Guji
2000 masl
Roast Level Light Roast
Tasting Notes
木瓜. 覆盆子.
Papaya. Raspberry.

About this coffee :

浦賀(Uraga)既是更大區域的名稱,也是這個特定的清洗站。它位於Guji的Sonkolle Kebele(村莊)。清洗站位於2000馬爾什以上,農場位於更高的高度。

該地區有很多新的種植園,儘管這裡的工藝是傳統的,濕發酵,通過水在通道中分級並在高架床上乾燥,咖啡仍具有獨特的光澤。製片人以色列·德格法(Israel Degfa)正在投資以支持當地農民及其社區,並進行收穫後的發展和質量控制。



豆子之後在高架床上在陽光下乾燥 12-15 天。時間取決於層的厚度和溫度。對於高等級,他們將在乾燥台上連續將豆子分類。在白天和夜晚最熱的時候,將咖啡堆積起來並蓋上遮陽網或塑料。


Uraga is both the name of the greater area and this specific washing station. Its located in the Sonkolle Kebele (village) in Guji. The Washing Station is located above 2000 masl, and the farms are located at even higher altitudes. 

There are a lot of new plantings in the area and even though the process here is traditional, with wet fermentation, grading in channels by water and drying on raised beds, the coffee is shining with unique character. The producer, Israel Degfa, is investing in both supporting local farmers and their communities, and in post-harvest development and quality control.

Coffee cherries are harvested by family members, then hand-sorted to remove unripe and overripe cherries before they are delivered to the washing station for processing. The parchment is fermented in water for 36-72 hours.

Coffees are washed in channels and graded in water by density. The lower density (lower quality) will float and are removed, leaving only the denser and therefore higher quality beans which are separated as higher grade lots. Parchment is then soaked in tanks in clean water for 6-12 hours before it is moved to the drying tables.

Parchment is dried on raised beds in the sun for 12 - 15 days. The time depends on the thickness of the layers and temperatures. For the premium grades, they will continuously sort the parchment at the drying tables. Coffees are piled up and covered in shade nets or plastic during the hottest hours of the day and overnight.

This Ethiopian coffee is smooth & soothing, with fruity notes of papaya & berries like raspberry vibrancy. A refreshing coffee perfect for a hot afternoon. 

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 16g
Total water 235ml
Water temperature 91ºc
Brew time 1.40 minutes
Roast Date 10th of May

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