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Honduras Don Fabio Mogola


Don Fabio is known as one of the best producers in Central America. He has not been selling his coffee to any new roasters but Intelligensia, Stumptown and Nordic Approach. But in 2012 Don Fabio decided to sell Project Origin a few bags . The reason his coffee is so special is his organic fertilisers technique where he applies cow manure, cascara, local rocks, egg shells, chicken droppings, and Californian worms. And this brings really nice and clean cup profile.

Region: Honduras

Farm: Don Fabio

Varietal: Catuai

Process: Washed

MASL: 1500-1650m

Project Origin Cupping notes :

87 Points. Aromatics of lime and chocolate and jasmine florals, this coffee is complex and full bodied. Sparkling lemonade-like acidity and a creamy texture pair with flavours of sweet orange, nectarine, milk chocolate and vanilla, rounding out with a long floral, aromatic finish.


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