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Honduras Finca El Matazano (COE Winning Farm)

Honey. Vanilla. Blackcurrent.

Processing : Washed and sun-dried on African beds

Varietal : Catuai

Altitude : 1500 - 1600 masl

Farmer : Francisco Antonio Castillo David     

Region : El Matazano, Tutule, La Paz, Honduras

Tasting Notes : Honey Like, Sweet Caramel, Vibrant acidity, Vanilla, Chocolate, Blackcurrant

Quantity : 250g

Roaster Notes:

Coffee rust epidemic ravaged Central America since 2013. Some coffee producers recently moved their focus to quality, spending more effort on cultivation of good specialty coffees and El Matazano is a great example of this. This lot of coffee that we ordered is the same lot Francisco submitted for auction!

This coffee has very impressive sweetness and smooth vanilla finishing. A higher brew ratio and finer grind size is recommended for this coffee!

Recommended Brewing methods:

V60 ( Ratio 1:16 / 95˚C)

16g of coffee
250g of water
2 - 2.30 minutes brew time

Roasted on 7th of Aug.
Whole beans only.
See 1kg Pack here.

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