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Honduras Caballero 宏都拉斯 卡巴列羅

Quantity: 225g

紅色漿果,奶油,茉莉,香草, 甜度高
Red Berries. Cream. Jasmine. Vanilla.

Variety Catuai
Region Marcla Chimacla
1600 masl
Roast Level Light Roast

About this coffee :

Marysabel Caballero 和她的丈夫 Moises Herrera 正在200公頃的土地上種植咖啡。他們是第二代和第三代咖啡農,並因其致力於提高洪都拉斯咖啡品質的承諾而屢獲殊榮。

當Marysabel Caballero還是個小女孩時,她的父母決定重新種植咖啡,辭去城市工作並開始耕種。她親切地記得農場裡的生活。她喜歡和家人在農場上在一起並提供幫助。她的母親來自一個咖啡生產家庭,所以咖啡是在她的血統裡。這個咖啡批次以 Marysabel  的母親Sandra Isabel 的名字命名。


Caballeros 極力致力於其農場的環境可持續性。他們的精力都集中在改善農場土壤上,以確保咖啡灌木的健康生長環境。因此,他們生產由牛糞和雞糞與咖啡櫻桃和其他有機材料製成的果肉混合製成的有機肥料。


Marysabel Caballero and her husband Moises Herrera are working with over 200 hectares of land, planted with coffee. They are 2nd and 3rd generation coffee farmers and have been rewarded many times for his commitment to developing coffee quality in Honduras. 

When Marysabel Caballero was a little girl, her parents decided to get back into coffee, quit their city jobs and started farming. She remembers life on the farm fondly. She loved being with her family on the farm and helping out. Her mother was from a coffee producing family, so coffee is in her blood. This coffee lot is named after Marysabel's mother, Sandra Isabel.

They have been extremely successful in producing quality coffees and have contributed to the improving reputation of Honduran quality coffees. Everything they do at the farms is documented, and they invest considerable time and resources both in new equipment and planting of new coffee varieties in order to improve the quality of the coffee.

The Caballeros are extremely committed to the environmental sustainability of their farms. A lot of their energy and focus goes towards improving the soil of their farms to ensure a healthy growing environment for their coffee shrubs. Therefore, they produce organic fertilizer made from cow and chicken manure mixed with pulp from coffee cherries and other organic material. 

This award winning coffee is absolutely amazing, with fruitiness like red berries juice and lovely floral qualities of jasmine & vanilla, finish with creamy mouthfeel. A coffee that's worth slowly sip & savour till the last drop.  

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 16g
Total water 235ml
Water temperature 91ºc
Brew time 1.40 minutes
Roast Date
26th of February 二月二十六號