Cloud Catcher

Honduras Mogola


Liquorish. Grapes.

Variety Catuai
Don Fabio
Tasting Notes
Liquorish. Grapes.
Quantity 200g

About this coffee :

Don Fabio is a well-known coffee producer in Honduras. He is one of Sasa's biggest mentors when it comes to coffee production because he is an exceptional advisor and happily shares his wisdom.

Mogola was the first farm purchased back in 1970 which was the sam year he got married. The farm looks like a botanic garden with many lines of trees to separate and protect lots from the wind.

Flowers are also grown to attract butterflies and also work as landmarks for workers when picking different lots.It is very humid and cold at the farm, which helps maintain water moisture in the soil and puts less heat stress on the plants. This also promotes slow maturation resulting in developing much complexity and intense flavours in his coffees.

Roasted on 28th of November
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