Honduras Yire La Paz (COE 2017 - Signature Series)

Lemongrass. Sparkling. Caramel.

Variety Pache
Region La Paz
Juan Carlos Manueles
Tasting Notes
Lemongrass, sparkling lemon juice, melon, caramel.
Quantity 250g

About this coffee :

Welcoming Yire from La Paz in Honduras, our first release from the 2017 Honduras Cup of Excellence, in conjunction with this year’s Brewer’s Cup competition.

The farm “Yire”, property of Juan Carlos Manueles and his family is located in the highest and coldest part of Honduras, neighboring with El Salvador. For Juan Carlos, his wife and two children, the farm represents their livelihood. It also contributes to the economy of the community employing 12 to 15 neighbouring families to help with maintenance, picking, hauling and processing of coffee. Thanks to coffee, Juan Carlos is able to send his son to study agronomy, continuing the family tradition.

Award-winning quality

Juan Carlos’s focus on quality has seen his farm twice awarded in the Honduras Cup of Excellence awards, which recognises coffees which score 85 points and above out of 100 in tastings by both a national and international jury.

His harvest of Pache (the varietal we’re sharing with you) placed 27th in a much smaller field, and earned a 120% premium on the auction price from the previous year’s crop.

Meet Pache

This coffee is a relatively unusual varietal called Pache. It’s a dwarf mutation of the typica varietal.

Roasted on 12th of February
Whole bean coffee ships within 24 hours

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