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Indonesia Blue

Dark Cherry. Chocolate.

Region: Indonesia

Farm: Blue Flores

Varietal: Typica & Catimor

Process: Wet-hulled

MASL: 1200-1600m

Roast Profile: ESPRESSO

Quantity : 250g

Roaster Note :

Flores is a famous coffee from the area of Bajawa ( Ngada ) & Manggarai as a Specialty coffee from Indonesia with a particularly strong body.

Blue Flores Coffee is a rare Arabica specialty coffee produced by smallholding farmers inhabiting a fertile volcanic highland area at the heart of colorful dry island Flores.

Recently Bhajawa and Manggarai people went to great lengths to improve their Arabica coffee quality by applying a full wash processing plant. Using a geographic and ethnic name of BLUE FLORES COFFEE, this coffee represents some of the best coffees available from Indonesia.

Roasted on 13th of June.
Whole bean only.
See 1kg Pack here.

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