Artisan Roastery

Kenya Kirinyaga Kariru AB

White Grape. Ripe Orange. Mixed Fruit Cordial.

Variety SL28 & SL34
Fully Washed
Region Kirinyaga
Producer Kariru Baragwi Cooperative
1800 masl
Roast Level Light Roast
Tasting Notes
White Grape. Ripe Orange. Mixed Fruit Cordail
Quantity 200g

About this coffee:

It appears that we find something alluring about the Baragwi Cooperative as we find ourselves returning to many of their factories. This includes Kariru, another coffee Factory from the Barawgi Coop in Kirinyaga.

Kirinyaga has increasingly become a consistent producer of great coffees. Each lot consists of coffees from hundreds of smallholders in the local surroundings of the washing station (or factory).

They sort the cherries before it goes into production. The coffees are traditionally processed with dry fermentation before washed and graded in channels and dried on raised beds. The farmers are mainly growing SL28 and SL34, but as with almost all Kenyan Cooperative coffees it can be a mix of everything. 

This Kenyan coffee has a vibrant grape and orange fruity notes, juicy mouthfeel that resemble mixed fruit cordial with a long aftertaste. This coffee also featured in our Blaq Coffee box too. 

Brewing Recipe : 

18g of coffee yield to 36g of espresso
25 - 30 seconds

18g of coffee to 290ml of water
3 minutes. Yield 260-270ml

Roasted on 1st of April
Whole bean coffee ships within 24 hours

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