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Kenya Thika Asali Mugaga AA

Apple. Berry. Juicy.

Processing : Washed

Varietal : SL28 & SL34

Altitude : 1650-1800 masl

Region : Aberdare Rangers, Thika

Tasting Notes : Apple. Berry. Sugarcane and juicy mouthfeel.

Quantity : 200g

Roaster Note :

Kenya is an East African powerhouse with its coffee being some of the most distinctive and distinguishable in the coffee world.

The “AA” part (usually spoken as “double A”) indicates the large bean size and are the most sought after Kenyan coffees.

This coffee has juicy acidic, delicate and have a bright, tropical fruit and floral taste. It is not unsurprising that Kenyan coffee is compared to the fine wines coming produced in Bordeaux.

Roasted on 14th of July.
Whole beans only.

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