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Mexico Aida Batlle Selection

Sweet Caramel. Jasmine. Hazelnut. 

Variety Marsellesa
1200-1325 masl
Roast Level Light Roast
Tasting Notes
Sweet caramel. Jasmine. Hazelnut.
Quantity 200g

About this coffee :

Aida Batlle is known in the Specialty Coffee field for her care and attention, and we are here delighted to offer one of her offerings with a double fermentation method known to be used in Ethiopia and Kenya.

Mucilage covered beans are totally submerged in water for 48 hours with a mild washing every 12 hours, after which, the mucilage is totally removed and the parchment is soaked in fresh water for another 24 hours and then placed on African drying beds. 

This coffee is suitable for a balanced morning cup of our over coffee/filter. Lovely caramel sweetness & jasmine floral qualities, finish with hints of hazelnut.

Brewing Recipe : 

18g of coffee to 300g of water
2.30 minutes

Roasted on 30th of April
Whole bean coffee ships within 24 hours

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