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Nicaragua Casa Quemada

Chocolate. Red Grapes. Brown Sugar.

Region : Nueva Segovia

Farm : Finca Casa Quemada

Producer : Jairo Daniel Herrara

Altitude : 1450-1600 MASL

Varietal : Caturra & Yellow Catuai

Processing : Fully Washed

Tasting notes :  Chocolate, grapes, brown sugar

Quantity : 200g

About this coffee :

Finca Casa Quemada is located at Cerro de la Explosion (Explosion Hill) and the farm lies at a tremendous altitude for coffee growing, at 1,400 to 1,600 metres above sea level. This plantation grows Caturra and Red Catuaí in an ideal natural surroundings.

The coffee harvest comes late here – in Nicaragua the usual period is March through May, but sometimes Jairo’s first pass isn’t until early May. This late harvest is an indication that his coffee remains on the tree longer, ripening more slowly and concentrating more delicious flavour in each ripe cherry.

This coffee makes a smooth and syrupy sweetness cup. It's kind of coffee that makes you look for after lunch and dinner. Absolutely soothing and sweet long finish cup of coffee!

Roasted on 14th of November.
Whole bean coffee ships within 24 hours. 

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