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Nicaragua Los Pirineos (COE 2018)


Banana Liquor. Tangerine. Molasses.

Variety Red Caturra
Processing Long Fermentation (336 Hours) - Carbonic Maceration 
Region Dipilto, Nueva Segovia
Farmer Eudoro Guillen & Norma Flores
Altitude 1450masl
Roast Level Light Roast
Certification COE 2018
Quantity 250g

About this coffee :

Eudoro Guillen Jarquin inherited the farm Los Pirineos, which is a 70-hectare estate, from his father, who bought it in 1965. In the year 1979, Eudoro's father planted 170,000 caturra trees.

Eudoro is the second generation, but inculcating coffee growing for my wife and children. In the farm, a good percentage of shade is maintained, which believes that it has influenced the plant to better express its attributes.

At the time of harvest, only the mature red cherries are collected and another practice was the optimum point of coffee washing, that is, fermentation. with greater hours of fermentation compared to the usual ones. He created a wet mill at his farm, and experiments with longer fermentation times and natural and honey processing to improve the quality of his coffee.

This CM coffee will totally stun your palate. With vibrant fruitiness of banana liquor dominates the cup and tangerine, perfume-y in the middle with a syrupy finish of molasses sweetness. Great coffee to start in 2021. 

Brewing Recipe :

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 15g
Total water 220ml
Water temperature 95ºc
Brew time 2-2.30 minutes
Roast Date 14th of June

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