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NinetyPlus Panama Lycello Blue W2

Pineapple. Candy. Floral.

Variety Geisha
Region Volcan
Ninety Plus
1800 - 2100m
Tasting Notes
Pineapple, candy like, floral finish.
Quantity 100g

About this Ninety Plus :

Ninety Plus is a vertically integrated coffee producer with an international reputation for rare and exclusive coffees. We operate a trading and distribution business that partners with green coffee farmers to produce and sell coffee to specialty coffee roasters and importers worldwide. We also own a farming and green coffee producing business that currently operates a 134 hectare coffee estate in Panama.

Since 2007 we have built Ninety Plus into a globally recognized brand for specialty boutique coffees. Ninety Plus coffees consistently receive ratings greater than 90 on the 100 point rating system of Coffee Review, and baristas have won numerous national and international competitions with Ninety Plus coffees. We work with customers in more than 40 countries.”

Roast to order and whole beans only.
Ships in 3-5 business days.

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