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Panama Elida El Burro Geisha Natural

Pineapple. Jackfruit. Lychee. 

Processing : Natural Processed

Varietal : Gesha 

Altitude : 1700-1800 masl

Region : Boquete

Tasting Note : Pineapple. Jackfruit. Lychee and winey sweet finish.

Quantity : 100g

About this coffee :

Elida Estate is located in Alto Quiel, Boquete, between 1,700m/5,600 – 1,950/6,200ft and has won top awards consistently in the SCAP BOP competitions in all of the different categories: Traditional Natural, Traditional Washed, and in both Geisha Natural and Geisha Washed category. Also, Elida Geisha has won The Good Food Awards in a couple of occasions.

The ultra-high elevation Elida Estate goes from 1,700m to 2,200m and part of it is located within the Volcan Baru National Park which is a protected World Heritage site, ecological reserve, and sanctuary for exotic plants, birds and mammals (like the tropical tiger).

The farm has a total of 65ha of which 35ha are planted with Catuai, Geisha and a little bit of Typica, the rest is private forest reserve or is inside the VBNP .

Coffee in this farm, for now, is only grown up to 1,900m in this area of Panamá coffee has not being planted and grown higher than this elevation. But, this year they even planted at 2,050m.

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