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Panama Finca Deborah Gesha

Earl Grey. Apricot. Peach.

Variety Geisha
Finca Deborah
Roast Level Light Roast
Tasting Notes
Earl Grey. Apricot. Peach.
Quantity 170g

About this coffee :

Jamison Savage has dedicated the last 10 years to building Finca Deborah in the Chiriqui highlands of Volcan, Panama. At more than 1900masl Deborah is one of the highest, shade grown coffee estates in the region.

Jamison belvies a balanced ecosystem is essential to responsible coffee production and sustainability is a key theme. Every effort is taken to preserve the terrain, which sustains this remarkable place. No herbicides or harmful chemicals are applied on the farm.

The result is a breathtaking rainforest canopy. Finca Deborah is considered one of the worlds prominent coffee estates, and was used by the 2016 World Barista Champion in his competition.

Project Origin Cupping Notes : 

91.5pts. Very floral! Aromas and flavours of orange blossom, white rose and peaches. Buttery texture and creamy mouth feel. This coffee has jasmine, peaches, lemonade and white rose characteristics with a long and clean finish .

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