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Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Special Geisha #ESW-01 (Q Cup Auction Winning Lot)

Bergamot. Jasmine. Manuka Honey.

Processing : SHB Washed

Lot #: ES-W-01

Varietal : Geisha

Altitude : 1800

Growing Region: Cañas Verdes

Producer : Peterson family

Tasting Notes : Jasmine, mandarin orange, bergamot and Manuka honey.

Quantity : 100g

Roaster Note :

Esmeralda Special Geisha is a collection of high elevation Geisha (1,600 – 1,800 masl) with cupping scores of over 90 points. Coming mostly from our Jaramillo and Cañas Verdes farms, Esmeralda Special Geisha lots are invariably the highest quality Geishas we sell. Though altitude presents challenges for growing and harvesting, it is up in the mountains of Boquete that the unique floral and citrus aromatics of geisha coffee sing brightest. Esmeralda Special Geisha is available both washed and natural processed and ranges in size all the way down to less than one bag of green coffee. Therefore, extra care must be taken to process these small amounts.

Esmeralda Special Auction Grand Reserve Geisha represents the pinnacle of Geisha coffee quality. Each year, the highest performing Geishas micro-lots are meticulously separated and processed to create this unique auction reserve. These are the pride of farmers, prize-winning and highest-scoring lots.

The Auction Grand Reserve includes both natural and washed processed coffees with attributes such as jasmine, fruits and bergamot. This coffee produces a clean, balanced, sweet cup. This reserve is sold exclusively through Esmeralda Special Auction.

The Peterson Family's Montaña lot is won by Q Cup in Esmeralda Special 2014 auction. More information about the auction here.

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