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Panama Morgans Carbonic Maceration Gesha

Chamomile. White Grapes.

Variety Geisha
Carbonic Maceration
Morgan Estate
Tasting Notes
Chamomile. White Grapes.
Quantity 170g

About this coffee :

Morgan Estate is located in a valley within a lush high-tropical rainforest in the highlands of Volcan in the Chiriqui Provence of the Republic of Panama. It is a 12 hectare farm with an altitude between 1700-1839 MASL and was planted with Geisha 8 years ago.

This farm is a prime example of what geisha coffee can be when grown in the right conditions. The farm is run by the award winning coffee producer Jamison Savage. This coffee is processed using the 2015 WBC Sasa Sestic’s critically acclaimed processing method - Carbonic Maceration.

Project Origin Cupping Notes : 

91pts. Floral and complex aromas with crisp acidity of white grape and plum and creamy mouth feel. Flavours of chamomile, jasmine, earl grey, peach, plum and white grape.

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