Ninety Plus

Panama Ninety Plus Innovation Series Ubo Gesha Green Beans

Melon. Nutmeg. Black Cherry.

Variety Gesha
Processing Special Fermentation
Region Volcan
Producer Ninety Plus Gesha Estate
Altitude 1600-1700masl
Harvest 2020
Tasting Notes Melon. Nutmeg. Black Cherry

About this coffee :

The name Ubo is a modification of the word “uva”, referring to “grape” or “cherry” in Spanish, and was chosen for the pure taste of coffee cherry noted to be present in this cup.

The pure coffee cherry essence in Ubo likely derives from the pristine microclimate where it is cultivated, an area that borders with the massive Amistad National Park, the largest nature reserve in Central America (401,000 hectares).

Great vibrancy & complexity on the next level. With intense sweet notes of melon and nutmeg aromatics, juicy body of black cherry on aftertaste. It certainly gives a big wow on the first sip. 

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