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Port of Mokha - Al-Durra

Manuka Honey. Sweet Herb.

Variety Ancient Typica Peaberry
Honey Processed - H Series
Region Al-Durra, Yemen
Port of Mokha
Roast Level Light Roast
Tasting Notes
Manuka honey. Sweet herb.
Quantity 100g

About Port of Mokha :

This coffee is produced from the world's oldest land to cultivate coffee, Yemen. The ancient Udaini varietal is cultivated here and is understood to be the grandfather of 90% of the world's coffee. Coffee here is grown at a staggering 2150-2500 meters above sea level, making it some of the highest grown coffee in the world. The beautiful people of Yemen are known for their generosity and hospitality and have produced a labor of love that is unforgettable to the last sip.

Because the coffees are grown at such high elevations, we recommend giving them a few days to open up after the roast date before you enjoy them. Ideal is 7-20 days off of roast. Good for up to 35 days after roast date.

Roast to order and whole beans only.
Ships in 3-5 business days.

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