Pour Over Stand C501

The pour over stand is designed for Cores cone filters.

Stylish design with a combination of bamboo and stainless steel. Its stylish and versatile design can coordinate with every look in your home.

Easy assembly

You can assemble it easily; just put the pole on the base, and tighten two screws, and put the holder on the pole and tighten with the bamboo screw. Of course, you can also disassemble it easily.

Height-adjustable filter holder

The height of filter holder can be adjusted easily just by loosening the bamboo screw and adjusting the holder up or down, then tighten the screw again to fix in position.

Close-fitting for Cores cone filters

This pour over stand is designed for Cores cone filters C275GD  and  C270SS, so that the filter fits well on the holder for more precise control when brewing.

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