Rivers Coffee Press Core


Recommended for Beginner & suitable for home/office use.

How to achieve tasty coffee using a coffee press

A coffee press is the recommended method of brewing speciality beans. It consists of a glass beaker and stainless steel mesh press.

Using a coffee press preserves the luscious taste and acidity (not sour but lively and brisk) found in the oil of the beans. Please enjoy the world of coffee flavours that the coffee press and speciality coffee can achieve.

It comes with measurement on beaker and measuring spoon is included. The beaker is covered with casing, hence it's safe to hold and prevent from getting burnt.

Product Features :

  • Heat resistant Pyrex glass beakercan be detached from the holder & 3 layers of metal filters can be dismantled for proper cleaning.
  • Comes with coffee measuring spoon
  • Holder protects hands from the heat of hot water & the glass beakers
  • Capacity - 350ml
  • Temperature Range - -40c to 120c

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