Rivers Wallmug Demita

Sky Blue

Designed for coffee to-go & affectionist.

Tumbler 'Demita' The take away cup

This 'take away' tumbler has 3 main features. Its lightweight and consists of a double-wall design for heat protection, has 350ml capacity and it comes with two kinds of lid, normal and one with a space for a straw.

It doesn't require a paper sleeve. It is tough and durable, and will not break even if it is dropped. This mug is suitable for everyone, from small children to women worried about smudging their lipstick, because it has a straw lid. It's a new style of portable mug and will be the ultimate in portable drink design.

Product features : 

  • Double-walled, stack-able, straw hole available, fit well with MICRO COFFEE DRIPPER (sold separately)
  • Material: Polypropylene / Silicone
  • Capacity: 350ml (12oz)
  • Max. Temp: 120C
  • Fit into car cup holder
  • Lid parts can be separated for proper cleaning

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