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Rwanda Nyabihu Shyira 盧安達 尼亞比胡 希拉處理廠

Magnolia. Golden Kiwifruit. Lychee. Honey.

Variety Red Bourbon
Region Nyabihu
Roast Level Light Roast
Tasting Notes
Magnolia fragrance, golden kiwi fruit, lychee, honey

About this coffee :

Muraho Trading Company的Shyira咖啡洗滌站位於Nyabihu區的山丘上,靠近著名的維龍加火山國家公園。就尺寸和體積而言,故意是最小的Muraho洗滌站,其目的是將Shyira激光聚焦於生產盧旺達以前從未發現過的高質量微批和風味特徵。

將櫻桃帶到Shyira站後,用機器將其打漿。然後將它們漂浮在發酵罐中過夜,持續12個小時。然後,工人們表演“ ikinimba”,其中包括一邊跳舞一邊踩著咖啡歌唱五首歌,踩著咖啡以清除最後的粘液。這是為了使咖啡更甜。

然後使用基於密度和大小的蛇形通道將豆從A1分級到A4。最後,將豆在高架床上乾燥20至25天。 Kilimbi和Muraho貿易公司一直在努力支持和提高農民的咖啡產量。


High in the hills of the Nyabihu District, near the famous Virunga Volcanoes National Park, is the Muraho Trading Company’s Shyira coffee washing station. Intentionally the smallest Muraho washing station, in regard to size and volume, Shyira was set up to be laser focused on producing top-quality micro-lots and flavor profiles that have never been found before in Rwanda.

After cherries are brought to the Shyira station, they are pulped by machine. They’re then floated in fermentation tanks overnight, for 12 hours. Workers then perform “ikinimba,” which consists of singing five songs while dancing and stomping on the coffee to clean off the last of the mucilage. This is intended to bring out more sweetness in the coffee.

Beans are then graded, from A1 to A4, using serpentine channels based on density and size. Finally, beans are dried for between 20 and 25 days on raised beds. Kilimbi and the Muraho Trading Company work continuously to support and improve farmers’ coffee yields. 

This coffee is soothing as a cloud. With smooth magnolia floral notes, pair with golden kiwifruit and lychee fruitiness, finish with honey sweet aftertaste. It definitely makes a lovely coffee to enjoy in the morning.

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 16
Ground coffee 22g
Total water 360ml
Water temperature 97ºc
Brew time 2.30-3 minutes
Roast Date 9th of September 九月九號

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