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Rwanda Remera

Milk Chocolate. Blackberry.

Region : Rwanda

Farm : Remera

Varietal : Bourbon

Process : Natural

MASL : 1700m

Roast Profile : FILTER

Quantity : 200g

Roaster Note : 

When Habib from Project Origin contacted us and said he had a naturally processed Rwandan on the horizon we were pretty excited. But now since receiving the coffee we are just amazed. This coffee is exceptionally unique and we hope they will produce it again next year already!

Project Origin Cupping notes :

90 points scoring coffee with intense aromas of candy, grape and berry. Very sweet and clean, creamy mouthfeel, medium weight with flavours of cordial, red grape, pinot, black berry, cherry, chocolate milk and blueberry.

Roasted on 23rd of January. 
Whole beans only.

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