Slow Coffee Style Coffee Server


The S02 collection series blends naturally into a calm and relaxing space, as though it has always been there. Functionality is also considered in the design of all items; for example, the server is narrow around the top rim so that it does not miss any drip of coffee, the stainless steel filter has titanium coating that prevents odors of drinks from remaining.


  • Dimensions:
    • 10oz / 300ml: ø3 in x H3.1 in x W5 in / ø75 x H80 x W125 mm
      (can hold 13.5oz / 450ml)
    • 20.3oz / 600ml: ø3.2 in x H4.3 in x W 5.5 in / ø80 x H110 x W135 mm
      (can hold 23.7oz / 700ml)
  • Material: heat-resistant glass
  • User Recommendations: microwave and dishwasher safe

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