Sweet Series

Mango. Pineapple. Dark Chocolate.

Burundi Kirema, Washed / Bourbon - 60%
Brazil Minasul, Natural / Mundo Nuovo Catuai - 40%

Quantity : 250g

Tasting Note :

Black: Grapefruit, Malt, Honey

White: Vanilla, Raisins, Butterscotch

Roaster Note : 

Season 5 of our Sweet Series is back for the New Year. Routinely ranked as a staff favourite, the blend pays homage to drinkers who enjoy the fruit-like sweetness and complex profile for their espressos, with or without the accompaniment of milk. 

This season feature notes of grapefruit, raisins and peach like acidity, followed by a creamy body that is complemented with hints of berries and honey suckle. Truly an exciting espresso profile to be enjoyed in your morning routine.

Recipe :

Dose: 20 grams
Brew temperature: 93ºC
Brew time: 29 secs
Volume out: 40 ml 
Note : We use a double shot for cup volume that is 7oz and above. Should be taken as a benchmark, and not an absolute as different machines extract in different ways.

Roasted on 5th of April
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