Tanzania Shiviwaka

Chocolate. Orange. Spices.

Variety N39 & Kent
Semi Washed
Region Mbeya
Roast Level Medium Roast
Tasting Notes
Chocolate. Orange. Spices
Quantity 250g

About this coffee :

Tanzania is best known for its Peaberry coffees, but this AA from Shiviwaka Co-op in Tanzania is one of the finest African coffees we've cupped this year.

A new season and a new roast profile, we've decided this as our exotic espresso coffee that has been served as filters since early last year. The unique notes that exude from its character are interestingly orange, with some dried spice ended with smooth cocoa taste.

Shiviwaka is the Swahili word for the Association of Coffee Farmers of Tanzania registered as a farmer's owned NGO in 2009. It represents the interest of 8,500 farmers organized in 6 different groups in Mbeya, Mbozi, Busokelo, Ileje, and Rugwe districts. Shiviwaka's smallholder farmers own an average 1.5.acres under coffee, specially in Mbeya the annual average rainfall is approximately 1,500mm. 

Ground Pack is single serve ground coffee
Available for AeroPress, Drip & French Press

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