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Rivers Doublewall Mug Sleek

Lead Grey

The takeaway cup that's perfect in size and feels great to hold on. With the use of the double wall, you don't need a paper sleeve.

As a portable coffee maker set a combination with Micro Coffee Dripper, is a tumbler that wants to take it to the outdoors and travel as well as everyday use.

Product Feature :

  • Great for hot or ice drinks
  • With the lid on the spout, it's safe to use in such as desk around and bedside. 
  • Raw materials: polypropylene (cup, lid) / silicone rubber (lid)
  • Capacity: 350ml Size Lee's: about W: 91mm × D: 91mm × H: 130mm
  • Heat-resistant temperature: 150 ℃ resistance to cold temperature: -40 ℃