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Ghostbird Coffee

The People


The Story

Ghostbird Coffee was birth from the curiosity of the endless pursuit of Tasty Flavor. After running "The Owls Cafe & New Chapter By The Owls Cafe" for some time, Thomas decided that is time to craft our own flavours. With a simple motto: "We believe there is always a better cup of coffee."

Thomas has been actively seeking out ways to self-improve in order for you to have an experience that is more than just coffee flavour because your experience of a coffee beverage is our focus, these experiences are not just limited to flavour but also include the beautiful fragrance, aroma, mouthfeel of the coffee, the conversations, the hour that you drink and the list goes on.

What Ghostbird love about crafting coffee beverages is we have the opportunity to romance people thru the use of intentions that entice You into the delicious world of coffee. Welcome to the beautiful world of coffee.

The Roasting Machine

Giesen W6A

The Place

9a, Jalan Seputeh
Kuala Lumpur