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December Box

The Hub Coffee roastery & Ghostbird Coffee

The Hub 

Brazil Ipanema Estate

Red Acaia | Fully Washed

Red Grape. Black Cherry. Winey.

Costa Rica Finca Las Lajas

Caturra & Catuai | Perla Negra

Berries. Pomegranate. Milk Chocolate.

Ethiopia Guji Kercha - Espresso

Mixed Heirloom | Natural Processed

Mango. Passionfruit. Berries.


Ghostbird Coffee

Kenya Gathaithi AA

SL28 & SL34 | Fully Washed

Blueberry. Blackcurrant. Oolong Tea.

Indonesia Ratu Beludru

T22 & Agung | Natural Processed

Peach. Honey. Milk Chocolate.

Guatemala Pastoral - Espresso

Bourbon & Typica | Fully Washed

Chocolate. Nutty. Berry.