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Artisan Roastery

Artisan Roastery

The People

Joey & Hew | Coffee Roasters

The Story

Artisan Roast was the first specialty coffee roaster in Malaysia. Taking skills learnt in the Europe specialty coffee scene and blending with Kiwi customer service, Michael brought something unique into Malaysia in 2010. Combining this with a rigorous approach to quality and fiscal control, Amirah also provided not only the essential local touch to the business.

Great talent attracts great talent. Joey joined the team in 2012 and through tireless toil, he has ensured that Artisan has remained the leader in coffee roasting & has won every Malaysia Barista Championship since the start of the competition.

The Coffee Roasting Machine

Loring 15kg

The Place

G-19, D7, Jalan Sentul
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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