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The People

Chad Wang

The Story

VWI by CHADWANG is a coffee brand founded by the World Brewers Cup 2017 Chad Wang. In alignment with the movement of metropolis Taipei, combined with our drive for coffee excellence, VWI is a contrast of temperatures. Interpreted via the age of space to the coffee making people occupying it, the sensual and body experience of our customers.

We value every cup’s quality, offering coffee from various origins, freshly roasted and properly brewed to ensure the maximum flavour intensity. Through dialogue and collaboration with craftsmen across industries, it is our continuous pursuit to impart specialty coffee culture and knowledge, to explore and discover the potentials of tastes.

The Coffee Roasting Machine

Probatone 5kg

The Place

No. 16, Alley 4, Lane 251, Section 3, Zhongxiao E Rd
Da'an District, Taipei


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