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Chocolate Bar Storage

Just like coffee beans, the best place for chocolate bar storage is in a cool dry place too!

Yes that's right, you can store your chocolate bar side by side with your coffee beans! The cupboard is the perfect place for chocolate bars 😉


Here are a couple of tips for chocolate bar storage

1. Always store in its original packaging. The beautiful packaging is specially designed to keep chocolate safe & longer shelf life.

2. Use a container to keep your chocolate bars. Ideally, you separate them into a few different containers to minimise air contact every time you open and close the container. Also, this keep the ants away from making house in your chocolate packaging 🐜

3. DO NOT PLACE YOUR CHOCOLATE IN FRIDGE! The fridge has lots of moisture & odour that will destroy your chocolate bar.


If your chocolate is melting (by accident, well it happens..), just place the chocolate bar into the cupboard overnight and it will be all good by the next day 🕛

With proper chocolate bar storage, you’ll get to enjoy lovely delicious chocolate for a long long time. Especially for single origin 70% & above dark chocolate!

The absence of water in the 70% dark chocolate bar makes it stable & safe to consume for up to 15-18 months from the date it’s made 🤩

The photo is the container where we keep all our chocolate bars, we called it the Happiness Box 😁

Check out all the single origin bean to bar chocolate here  🍫

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