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Coffee Blog

Are you tired of the same old boring cup of coffee every morning? Do you dream of brewing a delicious cup of joe that rivals your favourite coffee shop? Well, get ready to perk up because we have the perfect solution for you: the Ground Pack! This innovative new product will revolutionise your coffee brewing experience and take your morning ritual to a whole new level.
Yew Meng is the owner & head roaster of Reframe Coffee Roasters in Penang. As an engineer by profession, he loves to research & experiment with coffee & got himself deep into the rabbit hole of coffee roasting. Eventually, he won first place in the International Roast Master Championship 2019 🏆  This is Yew Meng's coffee story.
Espresso making can be a little tricky to get perfectly done. But with some know how & tips, anyone can make the perfect espresso at home every single brew. Here's the ultimate espresso brewing guide that every home espresso brewer must know. Let's go!
Let's unbox & learn how to use Barista Hustle Tools with The Ring, Comb & Tamper to create an perfectly even extracted sweet espresso. 

Learn how to brew the best-tasting espresso at home with Michael Tan, head of wholesale in JWC Roastery! In this video, Michael will guide you through the process of espresso calibration & every detail you must know to brew the Golden Espresso shot ☕️ 

Check out all the coffee beans from JWC Roastery here 

There's a start for everyone who wants to brew delicious coffee at home. But not everyone had a good start, including us 🙃

This post we break down all the details for new starters to get a good head start, no more hit or miss for your home coffee brewing. Let's go!

It's true that you'll need proper coffee brewing tools to brew the best cuppa. But sometimes or any circumstances (especially if you are brewing coffee outdoor), you simply don't have all the brewing tools with you.

This post we share some tips & tricks to brew the best cup of coffee without a scale, thermometer & brewing kettle. Let's get started!

Coffee brewing is no rocket science. Knowing all 4 important variables in coffee brewing in relation to roast level allows you to brew the best cuppa every single time. Let's get started!

Have you ever wonder why your coffee at home does not taste as good as it used to? If yes, that means it's time to do a deep clean on all your coffee tools 😲

This post covers how to clean the your water kettle, espresso shower screen, and most importantly, your coffee grinder. Let's get your hands dirty & start cleaning!

Coffee cupping is the method for coffee professionals to taste lots of coffees at once. It's also a great family & friends coffee tasting session too! Learn coffee cupping & tasting with Michael, JWC Roastery 

The coffee beans aromatics are extremely volatile and easily disappear without proper storage. Hence good storage practice is crucial to protect & prolong the deliciousness of coffee! 😲 This post is everything you MUST KNOW about coffee beans storage, let's get started!
98% of coffee is water. Without good water, you can't brew delicious coffee, even with superb coffee beans. This post breaks down everything you need to know about the types of water, brewing temperature & how to make DIY water for coffee brewing. Let's get started!