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What is Tempered Chocolate?

Tempering is a process of heating the chocolate, cooling it down & agitating molten chocolate to make a shelf-stable chocolate bar🍫 

It gives the chocolate bar a lovely glossy shine that looks absolutely beautiful. Also, tempering gives a snappy ‘pak ’ sound when you break the chocolate bar 😮


Tempering also brings the melting point of the chocolate bars slightly higher. This gives a smooth & slow-melting sensation when tasting chocolate 😋

Tempering does not alter the flavour of chocolate, but rather the experience of chocolate tasting. It’s an indulgence when you take a small piece of chocolate & let it melt slowly evenly, take your time to fully experience the flavours of chocolate 🍊🍒💐 


For baking, using tempered chocolate makes it easier to store the cakes from melting at room temperature. Especially in our hot humid climate, untempered chocolate will easily melt at room temperature 😫

As for drinking chocolate, untempered chocolate is better to melt evenly & fully mix well with other liquids like milk or water

All the single origin chocolate bars in the store had gone through tempering & they are stable to ship 📦 check out all the tempered chocolate bars here 🍫

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