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5 Things You Need To Brew Delicious Coffee At Home

Brewing kit

The perfect home brewing kit.


Coffee brewing is real easy and truly rewarding. All you need is a couple of tools and you'll get to enjoy home brewed coffee everyday.

This post, we break into the 5 most important things you need to have at home for a consistent and delicious coffee in every single cup.


freshly roasted coffee beans


1. Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

Like most products of living organisms, coffee beans are highly susceptible to aging. 

Once the coffee beans is roasted, time starts ticking and the beautiful aromatics will slowly disappear, starting on 5-6 weeks past roasting. By then, the coffee will taste blunt and lifeless, just like normal coffee. 

However, super fresh roasted coffee (1-3 days after roasting) don't taste as good too. It usually takes a week or two for the coffee beans to degas and taste at it's best. 

Here in Bean Shipper, you'll find all the roast date stated in all coffee description. Just to make it easy for you to find your perfect coffee beans.

Not to mention, you can find your favourite types of coffee by using the sidebar (or topbar on mobile) to narrow down coffee beans selection. You'll definitely find the ones that you love!


water for coffee


 2. Clean Filtered Water

Good food starts with good ingredients, same goes to coffee!

The water with which we brew our coffee is fundamentally not just water. Chemically, our brewing water is not pure - it contains dissolved minerals, chemicals, and gases, many of which have a noticeable role to play when brewing coffee.

After lots of testings with all kinds of water available in the market (eg. mineral, RO, distilled, spring, tap, alkaline, filtered water.. you name it), we concluded that the filtered water makes the coffee taste the best! 

The good news is, you don't have to use expensive water filter system. A decent water filter works just fine!

If you wanna DIY the best water for coffee, try this one here.

Also, try brewing with 95-98ºc (somewhere off boil) high water temperature for lighter roast coffee. For dark roast, 85ºc is just nice. 



Comandante coffee grinder

3. Coffee Grinder

A rule of thumb, grind your coffee beans right before brewing!

Like cut apple, ground coffee goes stale within minutes. In our testings, depending on the freshness of coffee, you can taste the woody like staleness as soon as 15-20 minutes after grinding.

If you brew with any filter brewing equipments, hand grinder works perfectly. For espresso, we strongly recommend you invest in an electric grinder. Your hands will thank you for that =)

Also, you'll need to take note of the grind size for different brewing methods.

Lastly, stay away from blade grinder. The inconsistent grind makes your coffee really awful. 


acaia coffee scale


4. Weighing Scale 

'Do you really need a weighing scale for coffee?' Not really. 

'Do you really need a weighing scale for good coffee consistently?' YES absolutely!

No more hit or miss. Get your brew ratio right in no time and enjoy the same delicious coffee in every cup!

For filter brew, the Hario Drip Scale is perfect for home use. Or you can get any baking scale that measures to 1g difference. And Acaia coffee scale is no doubt the best coffee scale in the world.


coffee brewing equipments


5. Coffee Brewing Equipments

If you have all 4 things above in place, any brewing equipments will get you a delicious cup!

Our personal favourite, V60 makes a clean cup yet super easy to clean. We also like the Cores Gold Dripper that makes a silky and velvety cup.

If you are looking for something fuss free and easy to brew, French Press is your choice. You can also check out this top tip for French Press brewing

Lastly, make sure you clean up all your brewing equipments right after brewing! You don't want to taste any of the residual from previous brew.

That said, cloth filter is not a good option for light roast coffee. Unless you wanna taste the additional flavour from the filter, or else just keep it for dark roast coffee. 


There you go! Gear up your coffee beans and tools for your next delicious cup of coffee! Happy brewing =)