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Everything About Coffee Beans Storage

The coffee beans aromatics are extremely volatile and easily disappear without proper storage. Hence good storage practice is crucial to protect & prolong the deliciousness of coffee! 😲 

There are 2 main coffee aromatics killers (both roasted & green beans),

1. Heat
2. Oxygen


coffee beans

Like any vegetable, meat & fresh produce, high temperatures will speed up the rotting and shorten the shelf life.

While roasted coffee beans have minimal moisture content, the beans don’t rot easily. But the delicate coffee aromatics will escape from the beans & the coffee will taste dull & boring 😢

If you left coffee beans inside your car under the hot sun, you can say bye-bye to delicious aromatics 👋🏼


coffee beans storage

Keep the beans in cool dry & dark place at all time

Oxygen is the silent killer of coffee beans. Oxidation causes the beautiful aromatics to degrade if it’s exposed for a long period.

Once coffee beans are exposed to too much oxygen & heat, there is no way to reverse the aromatics as it’s vanished into thin air 😩


Coffee beans storage

The easiest & best way to store coffee beans is to keep them with the coffee bag itself 🥰 yup, no need to transfer to any container!

A very important top tip is to squeeze out all in the bag right before sealing. This keeps the coffee beans with minimal contact with oxygen 😊

The best place to keep your coffee beans is the kitchen cupboard! Cool dry place & no direct sunlight for coffee beans to rest well 😎

By properly storing your coffee beans, your coffee will taste good with beautiful aromatics for up to 2 months 🤩 especially for light filter roast single origin coffees!


storage of 1kg pack coffee beans

How To Store 1kg Pack coffee beans 😎

As mentioned earlier, we want to keep air contact with coffee beans to minimal and stay away from heat & light ☀️

If you purchase a big 1kg pack of coffee beans, continuous opening & closing a whole bag of beans introduce new air in contact with beans. This speeds up the oxidation to the whole bag of beans 😩

That’s why the last few cups of coffee from the beans at the bottom of the bag always taste not as good as the first. That’s because the aromatic of coffee vanished due to continuous contact of oxygen 😟


1kg pack

1kg Pack is HUGE!

Although you can try your very best to squeeze out all air every time before sealing, the size of a 1kg pack is just way too big. You definitely don’t want to screw up the whole 1kg of coffee beans!

For that, we highly recommend separating pack all the 1kg pack of coffee beans into a couple of small jars or bags immediately once you open the pack!

This way you keep the oxygen contact with coffee beans to the minimum, the coffee beans are only in contact with oxygen one time at the time you open the bag until you brew it.


Split pack 1kg coffee beans

Here are a couple of important tips for this coffee beans storage method 🤓

1. We strongly recommend using small jars for coffee beans storage. Ideally, a jar that’s small hold up to a max of 100g or below.

The bigger the jar, the longer it takes to finish the beans, and the more time the beans are in contact with oxygen, the shorter the shelf life of beans, the worst the coffee taste at the end 😮

The best is to have a small jar size where you’ll finish all the beans in 2-3 days max, more than that the beans will start losing their flavours.

2. Use dedicated beans jars for coffee beans only & always do a sniff test to make sure it’s odourless before you pour in the beans!

Coffee beans will easily absorb any odour in the jar. If the jar smells like blueberry jam, the coffee beans will be contaminated with blueberry smell (not in a good way 😅)

Mason jars are good options for this storage method. As long as it’s airtight and it will be all good! Also, make sure you wash it clean after you finish the jar and keep it clean ✨

Most importantly, you can reuse the jars indefinitely! Thanks for saving our Mother Earth 🌏


1kg pack coffee beans

3. Always fill up the beans jars to maximum fullness to keep the air very low inside the jar. The more beans in the jar, the lesser the air inside, the slower the oxidation 🙌🏼

4. Store the jars in your kitchen cupboard and make sure no heat & light is in contact with the beans. Of course, only open the beans jar one by one when you finish the previous jar 😉

By using this coffee beans storage method, you’ll get to enjoy super aromatic & flavourful coffee in every single cup. No more disappointing last coffee 😍


coffee beans packaging without ziplock

How to seal coffee bags without ziplock

Coffee beans storage is the most important thing to best preserve the deliciousness of coffee!

Sealing coffee bags without ziplock can be a little tricky, but just follow these simple steps and your coffee beans will remain good for a long long time 🤗


First, we highly recommend cutting the hole as small as possible. This is to prevent any air leakage for the sealing.

Second, fold the bag in half and try to squeeze out as much air as possible. Then fold again in smaller fold 2-3 times and clip it on! For better safety, 2 clips are better than one 😉

Voila! Your coffee beans are stored with minimal air and this will remain good up to 6 weeks from roast date 🤩

By double folding the packaging keeps the coffee pack completely sealed, you can’t smell any coffee aromatics at all by sealing this way 🥰


freeze coffee beans

To freeze or not to freeze 🤔

Freezing coffee is one of the best ways to prolong the preservation of coffee aromatics for a long time. It keeps the coffee aromatics up to 6 months 🤩

There are lots of roasters & cafes that freeze coffee beans, it works the same just like freezing meat and seafood for food preservation.

Here are a couple of important recommendations if you want to freeze coffee beans in the freezer

1. Freeze only if you need to store the beans for a few months. If you have too many coffee beans at once and can’t be finished within the next few weeks, yes go ahead to store them in the freezer!

2. It’s a MUST to pre-weight and separate pack all coffees into individual bags or containers.

DO NOT store a whole 1kg bag of beans in the freezer as this will expose the rest of the beans to new air & every time you open the 1kg coffee bag.

Also, always fill up to the maximum fullness to keep air minimal store with the beans 😉

3. Once the coffee beans are in the freezer, NEVER EVER open the jar! Keep it airtight and place it inside the far end corner of your freezer. Let it stay there until you want to brew it.

4. Ideally, use a dedicated freezer for coffee beans only! Do not store with your fish or meat to avoid any contamination 🤢


5. If you use a mason jar to freeze a big portion of beans, make sure you take out the jar the night before and let the beans slowly defrost overnight.

DO NOT open the lip when you bring out the bean as this will introduce a bunch of new air into the mason jar and completely ruin the whole jar of beans 😫

6. Freezing is a good idea if you want to store amazing (or expensive like Gesha) Worlds Best coffee beans, so that you can slowly enjoy them over a couple of months.

But for that, you’ll have to store it in a much smaller jar and best portion it into a single-serve portion. A vacuum pack is the best, but please be mindful of plastic usage for our Mother Earth 🌏

Otherwise, you may just save the hassle and finish your bag of coffee as soon as possible (within 4-5 weeks) 😄

That said, NEVER NEVER NEVER put your beans in the fridge!! The chilling temperature does no good to coffee beans & temperature fluctuation will ruin the coffee aromatics.


Hope this helps in storing your coffee beans & take your daily cuppa to the next level of deliciousness! Check out all the 1kg pack coffee beans for greater savings here☕️