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Everything You Want To Know About Hario V60

April 10, 2018

HArio V60

The Hario V60 is our most favourite coffee dripper. It's the only brewing equipment that we brew with every single day, literally!

This post is about everything you want to know about Hario V60, and some brewing pro tips for your perfect cup of V60 coffee. Let's dig in!


Hario V60

What's good about V60

1. Paper Filter 

With use of paper filter, it absorbs all the coffee oils and filters all sediments. As a result, you’ll get a real clean and transparent cup.

Yes, it's so clean that you can see through the coffee!

2. Ultimate Control 

By pouring hot water with gooseneck kettle, it gives you full control in coffee brewing! There you'll get to control the brewing time by adjusting water pouring flow rate and aim for the areas precisely.

3. Cleaning is such a breeze

This is the main reason why we like V60... it’s extremely easy to clean up! Just throw away the paper filter (with ground), rinse and voila! 


5 things to brew with V60

5 Tools You Need To Brew Perfectly With V60 

1. V60 & Paper Filter - For 1-2 cups, go for size 01. For 3-4 cups, 02 works the best. 

2. V60 Server - For single cup, it’s optional (just stir the coffee with a spoon after brewing). For 2 or more cups, best brew with a server to mix up the whole brew.

3. Drip scale - A MUST!! There you can measure the brew ratio and time for best consistency! 

4. Gooseneck kettle - the use of gooseneck kettle give you ultimate full control on the pouring flow rate. 

5. Coffee Grinder - nothing beats freshly ground coffee!


How To Brew With V60

Here’s our favourite brewing recipe, 16g coffee to 250ml water, with 95ºc water temperature.

0.00 : Add 30ml of water
0.30 : Add to 100ml 
1.15 : Add to 180ml
2.00 : Add to 250ml 
2.30 : Finish brew

Don’t worry about the additional few ml of water, V60 is pretty forgiving on that =)


Hario V60

V60 Brewing Top Tips

1. Before you start brewing, pour some hot water to preheat your pouring kettle and rinse the paper filter. There you start with a preheated coffee tools and get rid of paper filter smell all together!

2. About pre infusion, pour at least twice as much of water to coffee. Eg, if you brew with 16g of coffee, your first pour should be at least 32ml of water (a little bit more is totally fine).

This is the time where ground coffee absorbs most of the water. By fully saturating all the ground coffee, it makes the brewing extraction more efficient and consistent.

3. Last and most importantly, always brew with freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee! There you'll see the lovely bloom that makes a perfect extraction!


Hario V60 set

FAQ about V60 

1. Any difference with V60 Glass, Metal, Ceramic and Clear? In terms of functionality, its pretty much the same. But we definitely love the aesthetic look of ceramic dripper.

2. Size 01 or 02? If you usually brew only 1 cup at a time, go for 01. If you always brew for 2-3 cups, go for 02. Don’t forget to use a server too! 

3. Water temperature? We like to brew with 95-96c for V60, especially for light roast single origin coffees.

4. Do you need a gooseneck kettle for V60 brewing? The answer is Yes, for great brewing control and consistency! With use of gooseneck kettle, you can control the flow rate very easily. And for sure, practice makes perfect!


Coffee Beans Recommendation for V60

After trying hundreds of coffees on V60, we definitely prefer light roastcoffee on V60!

The reason is that V60 is an efficient brewing tool, the constant flow of water dripping makes it easy to achieve high % TDS (Total Dissolve Solid). 

As a result, you are able to extract all the flavours in light roast coffee that are difficult to extract (especially high altitude coffees).

Also, you can use lesser coffee to brew a big cup! Try recipe with 18g coffee to 300ml water, it’s our favourite recipe for morning cup. Who doesn’t like a big cup of coffee in the morning =)

Check out all the light roast coffees that we recommend here, we specially selected the ones with vibrant and delightful tasting coffees. 


That's all for V60! Hope this will help to take your V60 coffee to the next level, happy brewing =)


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