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Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin | Raya Sale save 10% storewide

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Colombia Huila Los Lagos Geisha 哥倫比亞 薇拉 湖境莊園 瑰夏

Quantity: 225g

White flowers. Citrus. Yellow Lemon.

Variety 瑰夏種 Gesha
雙重發酵處理法 Double Fermentation
Region Huila
Roast Level Light Roast
Tasting Notes
White flowers. Citrus. Yellow Lemon.

About this coffee :

湖境莊園 (Finca Los Lagos) 位於哥倫比亞西南部薇拉省的南端, 莊園海拔高度約1,450公尺。 莊園主人 Rojas 夫婦熱情的接待和介紹莊園, 原來Rojas 師承於他的爸爸,累積多年的咖啡田間管理經驗。 於2001年和太太一起購買了土地,建立屬於自己的3公畝莊園。 湖境莊園內主要栽種的品種為 Caturra (卡杜拉), Colombia (哥倫比亞)和 Geisha(藝伎),其中藝妓咖啡樹更是多達8,000顆! 傳統水洗法帶出明亮的酸值和細雅的花香,為台灣常勝金獎咖啡農方政倫的推薦款。

哥倫比亞境內三條科迪耶拉山脈南北向縱貫,伸向安第斯山, 當地咖啡農沿著這些山脈的高地種植咖啡, 具備多樣性氣候的生產條件;也因為地勢海拔高度的變化因素, 哥倫比亞的咖啡產業很大部分為小農生產模式。

哥倫比亞精品咖啡多半出自南部產區,其中薇拉省(Hulia)是最知名的精品區, 此區擁有肥沃的山谷及白雲皚皚的安地斯山脈,數百萬年火山灰豐富土壤, 孕育出最優質的哥倫比亞咖啡之一,也是國際杯測比賽的常勝軍。 這個產區有著許多小農專門生產微批次的精品咖啡,都非常具有特色。

Finca Los Lagos is located at the southern province of Huila in southwest Colombia. The altitude of the manor is about 1,450 meters. The owner of the estate, Rojas and his wife, warmly received and introduced the estate. It turned out that Rojas inherited his father ’s experience and accumulated many years of experience in coffee field management. In 2001, he bought land with his wife and built his own 3-acre estate.

The main varieties planted in the lake estate are Caturra, Colombia and Geisha, among which there are as many as 8,000 geisha coffee trees! The traditional washing method brings out a bright acidity and elegant floral fragrance.

Most of the Colombian specialty coffee comes from the southern production area, of which Hulia is the most well-known producing area. This area has fertile valleys and the clouded Andes Mountains. Millions of years of volcanic ash rich soils breed one of the best quality Colombian coffees. It's also a regular winner of the international cup test competition. This production area has many small farmers specializing in the production of micro-batch fine coffee, all of which are very distinctive.

This Gesha coffee is abolutely soothing & comforting. With white floral notes coffee blossom, refreshing citrusy brightness that tantalise your palate. 

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 16
Ground coffee 22g
Total water 360ml
Water temperature 97ºc
Brew time 2.30-300 minutes
Roast Date 13th of January