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Colombia Sierra Nevada No Hay Como Dios Anaerobic (COE 2018) 哥倫比亞 內華達山脈 天堂莊園 厭氧日曬

Quantity: 225g

Berries. Grapes. Winey. Dark Chocolate.

Variety 波旁 Bourbon 
Processing 厭氣日曬 Anaerobic Natural
Region Sierra Nevada
Producer Dona Miriam
Altitude 1300-1800masl
Roast Level Light Roast

About this coffee :

No Hay Como Dios 是位於哥倫比亞北部的嶄新的小型生產者團體。拉內華達山脈聖瑪爾塔地區是世界上最高的山脈,與海洋接壤,形成了一個非常獨特的生長地區。

全球領先的生產商La Palma Y El Tucan將採購代理Forward引入了該集團。這是他們生產的第五批產品,這是一個複雜的厭氧日曬過程。日曬處理一直以來都是咖啡中的經典加工方法,以其原始的生產方法而聞名,儘管風格更簡單,但仍可產生巨大的風味。



Del Agua is a brand new group of small producers located in the North of Colombia. The region, la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, is the tallest mountain in the world that borders an ocean which creates a very unique growing region.

The sourcing agency, Forward, was introduced to the group by world leading producers, La Palma Y El Tucan. This is the fifth lot they have ever produced, and it is a complex natural anaerobic process. The natural process has been a classic processing method in coffee forever, known for its primitive methods of production that still yield huge flavours albeit simpler style.

Anaerobic means "without oxygen" meaning the vessels this coffee was fermented in didn't contain any oxygen at all. Oxygen is removed when the coffee is added and valves prevent any from entering in during fermentation while still allowing CO2 to escape. This combination of classic and complex processing leads to a very intense body and huge stewed fruit tones.

If you like wacky, fun coffees - this is a can't miss! This competition grade anaerobic coffee will give you a big wow on the first sip. With lots of berries notes of raspberry and blueberries, grape juicy mouthfeel, finish with hints of chocolate liquor winey notes. A coffee that will stun your palate with loads of bursting aromatics.

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 15g
Total water 225ml
Water temperature 92ºc
Brew time 2.30 minutes
Roast Date 7th of September