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Costa Rica Hacienda Tobosi Black Honey 哥斯大黎加 2019 COE 冠軍莊園 托波西 黑蜜處理法

Quantity: 225g

Strawberry. Raspberry. Rose. Honey.

Variety Villa Sarchi
Processing 黑蜜處理
Black Honey
Region Tobosi
Roast Level Light Roast

About this coffee :

從 2010 年開始,Tobosi 致力於提升精品咖啡的品質,成為精品咖啡的領先供應商。通過建立透明的系統和完整的產品跟踪記錄,保證客戶享受到最好的產品。所有優質服務和加工工藝均符合環保措施。

為了實現這一目標,Tobosi 規劃了 Tobosi 和 Copey 兩塊地塊。 Tobosi 最初計劃種植觀賞植物,而 Copey 計劃開發為次生林。然而,由於海拔差異和土壤質量分析,Tobosi 選擇了最適合開發咖啡特性的地塊進行種植。




Beginning from 2010, Tobosi aimed at elevating the quality of specialty coffee and becoming the leading supplier of specialty coffee. By establishing a transparent system and complete tracking record for its products, customers can be guaranteed to enjoy the best products. All quality services and processing arts are compliant with environmental protection measures.

In order to realize this goal, Tobosi has planned two plots of land, Tobosi and Copey. Tobosi was originally planned for planting ornamental plants while Copey had plans to be developed as secondary forest. However, due to altitude differences and soil quality analysis, Tobosi chose the plot best suited for developing the characteristics of coffee for cultivation.

The plantation was placed under management based on environmental protection and cultural customs and environment and soil analysis tests were conducted on each plot of land to ensure the coffee beans are developing ideally and have sufficient nutrients.

The difference between honey processed depends on the amount of mucilage left. Simply put, the white and yellow honeys have less mucilage left after being mechanically washed. Gold, red, and black honey coffees, on the other hand, have much more mucilage remaining. This leads to a fuller-bodied coffee. Black honey processed coffees require constant monitoring to avoid over-fermentation and mold developing. 

As a result, you'll get a thick juicy textured cuppa with vibrant fruity notes of strawberry & raspberry, with an aftertaste of rose & honey sweetness. A super sweet coffee that will brighten your day.

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 16g
Total water 235ml
Water temperature 91ºc
Brew time 1.40 minutes
Roast Date
31st of May 五月三十一號