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El Salvador Las Cruces 薩爾瓦多 拉斯 克魯塞斯

Quantity: 225g

Cacao Nibs. Grape Champagne. Papaya

Variety Bourbon
Anaerobic Natural Process
Region Santa Ana Apaneca
1500-1700 masl
Roast Level Light Roast

About this coffee :

這是一個由薩爾瓦多處理廠何塞·安東尼奧·薩拉維里亞(Jose Antonio Salaverria)和他的兩個兒子安德列斯·薩拉維里亞(Andres Salaverria)和小兒子何塞·安東尼奧·薩拉維里亞(Jose Antonio Salaverria)組成的項目。他們現在是第六代咖啡生產商。祖先在花岔板開始喝咖啡。喬塞·安東尼奧·安妮爾(Jose Antonio Senior)於1970年從父親的家中獲得了房子,但他告訴他,他想要一個農場。他得到了芬卡·洛斯·諾加萊斯(Finca Los Nogales),仍然在家庭中,並且是我們從集團購買的農場之一。

他們在薩爾瓦多的聖安娜火山附近有三個主要的咖啡生產地區。他們一直在大規模生產高質量產品,但是以前,咖啡主要根據三個主要領域(例如聖麗塔,舊金山和埃爾莫利諾)分為幾個品牌。 El Molino是一家古老的磨坊,周圍有農場,是80年前由一家家族收購的。 El Molino的農場已有100多年的歷史了。他們從2002年左右開始擁有舊金山綜合大樓。從2005年開始擁有Santa Rita。




This is a project with an El Salvadorian producer, Jose Antonio Salaverria and he’s two sons Andres Salaverria and Jose Antonio Salaverria the younger. They are now the 6th generation of coffee producers. The ancestors started with coffee in Huachapan. Jose Antonio Senior was offered a house from he’s father in 1970, but told him he wanted a farm instead. And he was given Finca Los Nogales, that’s still in the family and one of the farms we are buying from the group.

They have three different main areas of coffee production around the Santa Ana volcano in El Salvador. They have always been producing high quality at a larger scale, but previously the coffee was mainly separated into a few brand names based on the three main areas, such as Santa Rita, San Francisco and El Molino. El Molino is an old mill with surrounding farms and was bought 80 years ago by the family. The farms at El Molino is about 100 years old. They have had the San Francisco complex from about 2002. Santa Rita from 2005.

They basically started to separated out several small farms and blocks with the better altitude, quality potential and growing conditions. The farms we we work with and buy are mainly from 1400 to 1750 meters above sea level. This is regarded as a good altitude in El Salvador. In this area it’s hard to grow coffees above this level.

After the coffee was delivered, it was placed into a floatation tank and all floaters were removed. Then the whole cherries goes straight into stainless steel for anaerobic fermentation of 48 hours. The whole cherries were then dried on raised beds in the sun and turned regularly to ensure they dried evenly.

As a result, you'll get a super juicy coffee with intense aromatics. With the anaerobic classic fruitiness of cacao nibs, papaya and grape champagne winey finish. A delightful coffee to enjoy in the afternoon.

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 16g
Total water 235ml
Water temperature 91ºc
Brew time 1.40 minutes
Roast Date 24th of April 四月二十四號