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Kenya Kigari AA

Preparation: Whole Bean
Quantity: 200g -Pre-order

Ground Pack & 200g pack beans in stock, order by 12 pm & ship in the evening
100% specialty arabica coffee beans

Variety SL28, SL34, Batian, Ruiru 11
Processing Washed
Region Embu
Altitude 1600-1800masl
Roast Level Light Roast
Tasting note  Forest berries. Grape. Nectar. 
Quantity 200g

About this coffee :

Kenya Embu Kigari Teachers College AA Ecotact is sourced from family owned farms organized around the Kigari Factory (wet mill) located in Embu County, Kenya, a growing region in the fertile foothills of Mount Kenya.

Active farmers deliver their harvested cherry to be processed at the Kigari Factory (wet mill), which is managed by the Kigari Farmers Co-operative Society. Farmer plots are so small that measurements are based on the number of trees, not the area of land. Cooperative members generally cultivate around 250 coffee trees on half-acre plots intercropped with Bananas, Grevillea, and Macadamia trees.

The coffee cherries were picked when its ripe red.The cherries are pulped and fully washed by the wet mill, as is typical in Kenya as a whole. The beans are then sundried on an African raised bed for 14-21 days to slowly dry until the moisture level is 10-12%. Then coffee is delivered to the dry mill, sorted and graded to ensure only the highest quality, ripest beans are contained within this lot.

This is a super sweet & juicy Kenyan coffee, with lots of sweet forest berries & grape juicy sweetness, finish with a nectar honey sweet aftertaste. Definitely, a lovely coffee to start your morning.

Brewing Recipe :

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 15g
Total water 225ml
Water temperature 92ºc
Brew time 2.30 minutes