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Malaysia Ranau Sabarica Cascara

Quantity: 50g

Cascara tea order before 12 pm & ship in the evening 


Cascara, which means "husk", "peel" or "skin" in Spanish, is the dried skins of coffee cherries. The whole coffee cherries are washed with clean fresh mountain water, the pulped skins are then collected after the seeds (coffee beans) have been removed from the cherries, and finally, they are slowly sun-dried on a raised bed & greenhouse until it's ready! 

This Cascara is produced by Sabarica with a varietal of Catimor & Typica. Grown at 1300-1500 meters above sea level, with a view of Mount Kinabalu. Learn more about Malaysia Ranau Sabah here.

You can brew Cascara like tea! Refreshing bergamot brightness, with notes of red dates and cherry juiciness, finish with a hint of jasmine floral qualities. High in antioxidants, and you get some caffeine kick. The perfect iced cascara tea for a hot afternoon. 

Brewing Recipe:

Use about 10g Cascara with about 250g boiling water. Steep for 5 minutes (or more) and enjoy. Once finished, refill with boiling water and steep again. You can repeat this process several times until the brew has lost its sweetness.

About Sabarica: