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Preparation: Ground Pack - French Press
Quantity: 15g x 6

250g pack beans in stock, order by 12 pm & ship in the evening
1kg pack fresh roast to order every Monday, ship within 3-6 working days
100% specialty arabica coffee beans only



Roast Level: Medium Dark Roast 

Tasting Notes: Toffee aroma, toffee nut Sweetness, Hershey's Dark Chocolate Bar. Full body, hazelnut finish.

Quantity: 250g

About Ghostbird Coffee:

Roaster Note : 

Crafted with awesome milk coffee in mind, A blend that reminds us what is to be at home, in Malaysia. A blend that will hug you when you wake up from the bed, chocolate goodness, that’s what it is. To be savoured with a sense of belonging. 

Brewing Recipe : 

Method: Espresso
Dose: 16.5g
Yield: 18-25g
Time: 28-33 seconds (adjust grind size accordingly)
Water Temperature: 93 degrees
We normally use 7oz cup, double shot for all our coffees.
*for best results use un-homogenized/fresh milk