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Chocolate Blog

Just like coffee beans storage, good chocolate storage give a way longer life to age chocolate bar like fine wines. This post we break down all the details you need to know about chocolate bar storage

Do you know how specialty single origin chocolate is made? Unlike commercial chocolate that filled with nasty chemicals & additives, the making of specialty chocolate is totally different by putting cocoa beans back into chocolate!

Let's find out how Lemuel Chocolate from Singapore makes their delicious single origin chocolate, here's what we learn from the Lemuel Chocolate factory tour.

Tempering is a process of heating the chocolate, cooling it down & agitating molten chocolate to make a shelf-stable chocolate bar 🍫 Let's get into why we temper our chocolate bars.

Dark chocolate is one of the most nutritious super food with loads of health benefits. But taking it in pure 100% dark chocolate can be too intense for most people, here's some tips to sweeten your dark chocolate!

Like coffee tasting, you can also do chocolate tasting with your friends & families! Let's learn how to organise a chocolate tasting event at home.

Do you know what chocolate is made of? It’s from the cacao beans! Let's learn more about this magical beans that makes the most delicious treat on the planet 
The ingredients of chocolate bar are the main separator between commercial and artisanal bean to bar specialty chocolate makers. Let's learn more about the chocolate ingredients in this post 
Chocolate is probably one of the most interesting & diverse treats of all 😍 There are hundreds of types of chocolate from all around the world! This post breaks down the difference of dark, milk, & white chocolate, let's go!

Honest chocolate, no nasties 🍫

Started from Artisan Roast with coffee, Nona & team take on chocolate to its purest form. Seniman Kakao is a bean to bar specialty chocolate maker based in Kuala Lumpur, sourcing high quality cocoa beans grown in Malaysia 🇲🇾

Check out Seniman Kakao here